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When designing our circuits, we aimed at not only offering our guests a glimpse of the most famous and beautiful places in Transylvania, but also at providing the opportunity to experience the daily life of Szkely and Saxon villages, the traditions long extinct in other parts of Europe


The guiding principle behind the tracks followed by the circuits is to stop in a few places for several days and discover the surroundings as part of one-day trips. In all cases you will travel by comfortable and modern buses with 19-50 seats (depending on the size of the group), accompanied by English-speaking guides. Upon request, we can provide a Finnish-speaking guide as well.

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  • Arnstadt
  • Pockau-Lengefeld
  • Canaural Bad Segeberg Bad Sobernheim
  • Zehdenick
  • Rheine

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Our offer of activities was designed to cater for the most various expectations its possible to go hiking in the mountains or explore the unique atmosphere of Transylvanian towns and villages.

These tours are just examples - based on our experience. Naturally, we are at our guests disposal, whatever their expectations are thorough knowledge of Transylvania guarantees that well find the most suitable solution and travel plan.

If you have questions, or would like to get more information about our offer (availability, prices etc) please feel free to contact us on one of the addresses listed on the Online pharmacy in canada cialis page.

You may download our brochure in English Acheter nolvadex canada and in Finnish here

You will need the freely available Acrobat Reader to open it