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    Remains of its eventful history can be found all over Transylvania: the ruins of Dacian and Roman fortifications in Sarmisegetusa, the fortified Saxon churches and villages (such as Biertan and Almen, included on the UNESCO World Heritage List), the churches and fortifications of big cities built in gothic style (Brasov, Cluj), the masterpieces of the Transylvanian baroque architecture, the Hungarian and Romanian villages still preserving the traditional way of life and folk art (Corund, Izvorul Crisului, Sapinta) – all are living proof of the rich history, of the ethnical and cultural diversity of this region, sometimes called ’Switzerland of Eastern Europe’.  


 Traditionally, three big ethnic groups inhabited Transylvania: Romanians, Hungarians and Germans (brought to Transylvania by the Hungarian kings, starting from the 12th century, from what is today Luxemburg and Schwarzwald in Germany). This unique mixture of different cultures resulted in a very specific ’Transylvanian spirituality’, best represented by Mátyás Hunyadi, the Hungarian King who introduced the art of the Renaissance in Hungary, Béla Bartók, the world-famous collector and researcher of folk music or János Bolyai, the founder  of modern, non-Euclidean geometry.


The traditional folk culture is still alive in many regions and villages across Transylvania, such as Kalotaszeg, Rimetea, Székely-Land, Moti-Land and several Saxon villages. At least on Sundays you will encounter men and women dressed in beautiful traditional dresses, returning from the Mass. In several of these villages, traditional popular craftsmanship – such as pottery, woodcarving – still forms the basis of every day’s life.

             No wonder, that Sibiu, along with Luxemburg, was chosen to be the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2007 – it’s deserved recognition of the unique, multi-cultural character of Transylvania.